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St. Charles Office

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2079 Rt. 38 (Lincoln Highway) St. Charles, IL 60174   Get Directions

Reception Area

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Our reception desk offers multiple stations to check out from your visit or purchase prescription food or medication. Our goal is to provide prompt efficient service to minimize your wait time. The reception area is designed to allow plenty of space between patients to minimize anxiety while you pause for one of our technical staff to check you into an exam room to see the doctor. The most popular prescription diets and treats are kept readily available for purchase. We stock several low fat treats for our weight conscious patients as well as numerous dental treats for our patients who are focused on dental care.

Examination Room

Our exam room...


Our in-hospital laboratory allows us to perform laboratory tests with immediate results. Complete blood panels, preanesthestic bloodwork for surgery, and heartworm testing are sent to a local laboratory with a 24 hour turn around time for results.


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Animal House Veterinary Hospital contains a comprehensive pharmacy for your convenience. When your visit is complete, any necessary prescriptions and products are sent home with you.

Radiology and Ultrasound


Our facility includes Radiology and Ultrasound for faster diagnosis of your pets medical condition.

Treatment Area

The Treatment Area is where doctors and technical staff perform blood draws, trim nails, express anal glands, apply bandages, and perform many other procedures for your pet.


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Our surgical suite includes the best in monitoring equipment. All patients are monitored while under anesthesia with EKG, Pulse Oximetry (to monitor oxygen levels), Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiration Rate, and Temperature. IV fluids are utilized with all patients under general anesthesia to maintain hydration and blood pressure. We utilize the newest innovations available to maintain your pets comfort, including a heated surgery table, heating water blankets, and cushioning blankets.